Why Plan?

Mt. Juliet is undergoing a plan revision for the first time in 5 years.  The current plan was adopted in 2008.  This is an opportunity to refine the plan, incorporate the new Urban Growth Boundary, consider new issues, and revise policies based on recent growth.

More than just a land use document, a plan serves as an important management tool for promoting a strong, healthy community. It describes the community’s vision and directs how the city will develop over time, how it will function in the future, the quality of life opportunities that citizens will be able to experience, and the mechanisms for accomplishing that vision.  It recognizes that the community is keenly aware of its cultural and natural resource based heritage, which is integral to a vibrant sense of place and unique identity.  A plan provides the foundation by which policies on land use, community and neighborhood preservation, economic development, transportation and other infrastructure, social, environmental and quality of life decisions are made.  The plan will help the community to become more certain about where development will occur, what it will be like, when it will happen, and how to meet the costs  associated with development.  It provides direction for land developers and homeowners on future land use, transportation and utility networks, and policies guiding the future development of the county, thereby enabling landowners to protect their investments and focus their efforts.  The plan will allow the Planning Commissions, Mayor and Board of Commissioners, and other boards to make fair and consistent decisions on projects and policies that reflect a long-term vision.  In addition, the plan will also help guide investment of the limited public funds in infrastructure such as roads, water and sewer, schools, parks and green space, and other facilities to maintain and improve the quality of life for the community.